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Why Is My Garage Door Getting Stuck Halfway?

An automatic garage door opens and closes when a remote control activates, allowing you to protect yourself and your vehicle from the elements. With regular maintenance, these doors can function smoothly for a long time. However, even with regular inspections, you may encounter a garage door getting stuck while opening and closing.

One of the common problems with a garage door opener is when the door only opens halfway. This situation can result in the door reversing and opening all the way. It’s a frustrating situation that makes entering and exiting the garage difficult.

In addition to being inconvenient, such situations can pose a security risk to your home. Moreover, a damaged garage door due to malfunctions can complicate the situation. If your garage has suffered damage, contact Lindsey Garage Door Repair for garage door panel replacement in Dallas, TX.

Possible Reasons a Garage Door Gets Stuck

Here are some possible reasons your garage door gets stuck when you try to open or close it. You can investigate a few of these problems yourself, while others require the skills of a certified garage door technician.

Springs and Drums

The main job of your garage door is to protect the inside of your property. Garage door springs lift the door and close it again, which is the bulk of the heavy work. The torsion spring is located horizontally at the top of your door, while extension springs run alongside your garage door. Unfortunately, these springs occasionally break during the life of your garage door.

Metal drums lift the door by interacting with cables on every side, which can also get blocked or damaged. When these problems occur, it’s possible that you need garage door track replacement. Don’t try to make these repairs yourself — instead, call a professional to fix the problem.


Small stones, leaves, and dirt that have accumulated in the rails can cause blockages. These factors can contribute to the problem when your garage door sticks. A small toy or sporting equipment can also become lodged in the door track.

When you have an issue with your garage door getting stuck halfway, examine the rollers, tracks, and hinges for debris and other materials. Then, carefully clear away anything obstructing these parts' operation.

Weather Conditions

A range of temperatures from hot to cold can negatively affect the operation of your garage door. In addition, temperature fluctuations lead to the expansion and contraction of the rails, which causes damage.

Extreme weather conditions may be to blame when your garage door gets stuck halfway open. In this case, you’ll need to call a professional to adjust the garage door opener. They can change the opening mechanism’s pressure by adding a force adjustment to allow smoother opening and closing.

Chain Issues

Garage door chains are an essential part of your garage door operating system. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of everyday use weakens the chains over time.

Vibrations coming from the motor, in addition to the heavy weight of the door, are the main contributing factors to weakening chains. If your garage gets stuck halfway due to weakened chains, garage door repair services can replace them.

Sensor Obstructions

Both sides of the garage have sensors fitted to help the door open smoothly. Garage door sensors operate correctly when both infrared beams, or photo-eyes, are in proper positions. Sensors remain in constant contact with each other when in the correct positions.

If something blocks the sensors, it can result in your garage door getting stuck halfway. However, a sensor obstruction is a repair you can make on your own.

First, inspect the areas near the sensor to ensure they are clear of debris. Then, check the sensors for proper alignment. If there's a misalignment, tighten the wing nuts while holding them in place, and turn the sensors until they're aligned. In some instances, you may need to call in the pros to realign your sensors.

Lindsey Garage Door Repair Can Fix Your Garage Door

If you’re sick and tired of your garage door getting stuck halfway open, our team of professionals can diagnose and repair the issue. One of our skilled garage door technicians will come to your home, inspect your door, and determine the best course of action. In addition, we provide a full range of garage door repair services.

We offer residential, industrial, and commercial services, including garage door opener installation in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to request more information or book online to set up an appointment.

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