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Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

Has your garage door been going berserk lately? If your door is opening (or closing) on its own, you should be concerned, as it poses a major safety risk to your family and your belongings. But what exactly is causing your garage door to decide to bring you added stress? Fortunately, there are a few common causes that can be remedied with a few quick fixes or by getting help from a professional garage door repair service.

Circuit Board Shortage

Sometimes a damaged circuit board can mess up your electrical system and cause malfunctions that open your door when you least expect it. Thunderstorms, wind, and heavy rain can all impact the electrical circuits and lead to unexpected power outages. If you're handy enough, you can check if you have a shot circuit board by checking the voltage into and out of it. If you need your circuit board replaced, you can call garage door professionals!

Dirty or Misaligned Photo-Eye

If dirt builds up on your photo-eye, it can conflict with the sensors and make your garage door think something is in the way. If you try to close your door and it opens back up repeatedly, check and see first if any objects are in the way. If there are none, clean off your photo-eye by removing debris from the sensors. Misaligned sensors are more common in older garage door openers, and you can attempt to realign the beams until the wall panel stops blinking.

Test your door and see if these remedies fix the problem. Discuss the issue with a garage door technician if it continues to open independently.

Signal Interference

Sometimes garage door signals or CB radios can interfere with your opener and cause it to open or close on its own. Ask your neighbor to open and close their garage doors while near yours. If they both open simultaneously, then you can try to set your opener to a different frequency. Your garage door might also respond to frequencies from police radios and radio towers, so even if your neighbor's garage door isn't the problem, changing frequencies might still be a good option.

Remote Control Faults

If your remote control is faulty, it could send bad signals to the door, forcing it to open randomly. Garage door remotes aren't usually well cared for, as they are often found in unfriendly conditions in your pockets, rubbing against keys, or left around different parts of the house. Many remote controls are built to be durable and strong for years, but constant exposure to unfavorable conditions can loosen or fuse wires that send false signals. Contacting your local garage door service is an easy fix to your remote control troubles.

Limit Settings Are Off

Your limit settings indicate how far your garage door needs to go up or down to open properly. Incorrect limit settings might cause your door to open too far or even stop halfway. If your limit settings are off, your garage door might think it has more room to close than it does, determine the ground to be an obstacle in the way, and activate the reversing mechanism. Fixing your limit settings should be done by a garage door expert, but you can always look to your manual to find the limit switches.

Solve Your Garage Door Problems With a Pro

It can be tough to identify what's causing your garage door to open on its own, but that doesn't mean you're all alone. Solve your garage door problems with the professionals at Lindsey Garage Door Repair. Get expert services that can diagnose the root cause of your concerns and adjust your limit settings, fix remotes, or block signal interference. Get the garage door repair services in Dallas County that you need with our team of specialists today!

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